Open collaboration on COVID-19

Kenya Emergency Network For Innovation

Tackling the pandemic collaboratively
The Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is placing significant strains on health systems, essential public services and communities globally.

In the midst of the uncertainty and seriousness of COVID-19, we are inspired to see active Kenyan community of engineers, scientists, government officials, journalists, programmers, and concerned citizens come together on various chat platforms to collaborate on a variety of projects with the shared goal of understanding COVID-19 and coordinating on the best response.

We built an Open Source collaborative platform for collaborators to meet other collaborators and like minded organizations to find solutions to bridge the gap to fight Covid-19.

Why This Initiative ?

Like much of the world, Kenya is currently facing daily increases in the number of persons diagnosed with COVID-19.
There is concern that the infection rate may blow up beyond the capacity of the healthcare infrastructure. In particular, people living in rapidly growing cities such as Nairobi are more vulnerable to COVID-19, due to high density living conditions.

Join Us to Combat Covid-19 😇

In furtherance of the above objectives, the Network is looking for volunteers in engineering design, prototyping, embedded programming, 3D printing, familiarity with medical devices, project management, regulatory reviews and fundraising.

Open Letter from Community

As we all adjust to living with the new realities that COVID-19 has brought, we are reminded how fragile our world can be.
For years, global health experts have been saying that another pandemic with the speed and severity to rival those of the 1918 influenza epidemic was a matter not of if but of when.
We plan to make tools to fight COVID-19 more accessible, deployable, and interoperable.
The difference between being in the containment or mitigation phase of an outbreak relies on the ability to make tools accessible for policy and decision makers.
Who rely on scientific information to make evidence-based decisions to control the current outbreak and prevent any future one.
When informed about scientific facts, citizens act more responsibly and are able to debunk misinformation.

How You Can Join


Step 1

Click the button below and
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Step 2

Pledge to play nice and not to eat all the cookies.
Read the members declaration here.


Step 3

Anything we missed out ?
Suggest a project for us.


Objective of the Network

The core objective of the Network is to collectively leverage Kenya’s talent, 3D printing, engineering, manufacturing, data infrastructure, artificial intelligence, machine learning and software engineering capacity to support efforts to fight COVID19 in the most strategic and adapted manner by filling the gaps in the PPE and respiratory assistance supply chain where possible.
The guiding principle of the Network is to support design and production of the best fit-for-purpose products, in relevant quantities, at the highest possible standards and at the lowest possible cost.
The Network seeks to create prototypes to help local manufacturing and play its part by bringing together local skill sets and expertise from all aspects of product design and manufacturing to address the COVID19 gap.
The Network focuses on Kenya and East Africa.

Collaboration & Transparency

We are coming together to fight COVID-19 because we believe that separate and single-headed initiatives will not be enough.

This is not a single-team challenge. Together, we are stronger.

We believe that in these difficult times more than ever, being transparent, sharing supporting documents, and accounting for funds is even more critical.

Regulatory Standards And International Best Practices Ethics

Products supported and delivered through this platform are addressing urgent needs that have emerged with COVID19.

Nevertheless, health equipment and devices are regulated by the highest standards because they put the lives of the patients first.

We are endorsing this position and will rely on regulatory standards approved in other countries with robust processes and promote international best practices ethics.

Social/Impact business approach

We believe that this is not the time to make huge profit but rather to share the burden.

Structures are coming together fast, everyone should make an effort, costs will need to be covered and business needs to be sustainable.

Every contributor will sign a declaration stating that these principles are applied and will provide the supporting documentation.

Saving Lives & Economies

We are coming together because nothing else matters.

We believe that separate and single-headed initiatives will not be enough. This is not a single-team challenge.

Together, we are stronger.

Honesty & Reciprocity

We believe that every member should be transparent and trustworthy in their efforts and work with the Network.

Adding value to other members of the group will enhance the effectiveness and enable us to reduce the time spent on acquiring knowledge and market individually.

Credibility & Visibility

We believe that each member of this Network should make his/her best effort to check information being shared, check sources and specify when this cannot be done.

We believe that every member can and should enjoy full visibility and should benefit from being part of the Network, to the benefit of his/her brand and his/her person.

Intellectual Property

We are coming together to fight COVID19 Most innovators are using designs under the Open COVID pledge, which is temporary.

When using a more permanent version of the creative commons licence, makers commit not to violate the underlying Licences.

While always respecting the intellectual property rights of inventors and innovators, we encourage liberal licensing rights to ensure that as many devices and solutions are offered during the period of this pandemic.

Coordinating And Supporting Local Response

In parallel, Kenya needs to urgently develop domestically produced medical equipment to mitigate the rapid spread of COVID19 and provide early treatments. These products may be less sophisticated but nevertheless lifesaving.
Volunteers, businesses and NGOs have jointly come together under a network known as KENYA EMERGENCY NETWORK FOR INNOVATION (KENI) to fight COVID19, hereinafter referred to as “the Network”. The “Core Group” will act as a secretariat to the “Network”.

Adressing Equipment Shortage

Kenya is looking to face acute shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory assistance devices.

The central government and businesses are stepping up to fast-track imports of highly reliable equipment, however, despite these efforts, Kenya might face shortages that might be catastrophic, due to demand competition, extended lead time, prices, obstacles along the supply chain, persistent bureaucracy, lack of suppliers’ transparency and “real politics” raise significant challenges.

Non Compromise on Ethical Competence And Integrity

While the Network appreciates that innovation thrives on taking risk and trying, and improving things as trials continue, and that originators of ideas do not have a duty of care if their ideas are inaccurate, in medical care, errors may very well cost lives.
Thus, each volunteer undertakes to create prototypes with the highest standards of professional and ethical competence and integrity, and shall perform all duties in good faith.
We need to share tools – both hardware and software – openly and understand that short term gains in one area of the world are meaningless if not shared with other areas that are battling this virus.